California Career Planning Guide (2nd Edition)

The California Career Planning Guide is a key component of the Me Incorporated. This guides provides counselors, mentors, parents and students a robust set of exercises outlined in five steps. The fives steps provide the foundation for young adults to use of the online California Career Zone resource website. Other resources are listed below in addition to these key training components.

The California Career Zone is a web-based career exploration system providing four easy to use career assessment tools and information on over 900 California occupations
Path2Careers – Helping students with one of their most important life decisions – choosing a meaningful and successful career – is dependent on their counselors getting current, relevant and easily accessible information and trends.
The ACT World-of-Work Map is an empirically based system for summarizing and displaying basic similarities and differences between occupations. It is visual and interactive, designed to engage users in the process of career exploration.
California Career Center is the website for career and college resources and tools to help students map their futures. Cal Career Center is focused on serving students but also contains resources for counselors, teachers, and parents.
California Reality Check enables students to create a budget for living an adult lifestyle, asks them what level of schooling they anticipate completing, and then allows them to explore occupations that will provide the salary needed to cover their cost of living.
The California Career Planning Guide takes students through a process for developing a personal career action plan. Hard copy guide in English. Free online graphic and text versions in English and Spanish.
The Real Game California (TRGC) is a classroom based career exploration curriculum. TRGC incorporates California-based economic and workforce information to help students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be career self-managers for life. Available via annual subscription.
The Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC) is a voluntary, continuous improvement process that provides school site Student Support Teams with an opportunity to publish a document that identifies key student outcomes and to publicize their plans for continued success.


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Other Resources

United States Department of Labor – Youth in Transition