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  • Rutgers University Career Planning – High School Students

    Rutgers University Career Planning – High School Students

    Source: Career Planning Overview Many high school students think that career planning is something that begins once they have entered college. On the contrary, career planning is a process that begins before high school, and most naturally should continue into the college years. Career planning, in fact, is an ongoing process that allows you to […]

  • My Plan Website

    My Plan Website

    Source Link: The world may be wide open to you as you look forward to life after high school, but you’re probably more than a little bit anxious about all the decisions you need to make before graduating. Whether you’re considering going straight into a career, going on to college, or something else, has […]

  • The Start-Up of You

    The Start-Up of You

    Thomas L. Friedman, link to article The rise in the unemployment rate last month to 9.2 percent has Democrats and Republicans reliably falling back on their respective cure-alls. It is evidence for liberals that we need more stimulus and for conservatives that we need more tax cuts to increase demand. I am sure there is […]